"Right now if you're living go and look for it right away. Use your heart as your compass, and use your life to search for it. Find something that is more important to you than life. There's a whole wide world out there."

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ARTIST // ... and please, don't cry.
SONG // CASSIOPEIA, close your eyes. Just listen

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It doesn’t seem right to let the girl choose me. I would rather choose the girl I devote myself to. 

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"You know, you have to tell me that you need me. I won't know unless you do. I can't do anything unless I know you need me. I think you know that I won't be your manservant. But this goddess is too heavy a burden. You can't bear it alone. I'll help you so you don't become the goddess and destroy the humanity. So tell me that you need me." 
- Sagara Miyuki, Red Data Girl ep 12"

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I reached out my hand. No one was beside me. I was alone, abandoned, at the edge of the world.
Haruki Murakami - Dance Dance Dance (via hourae)

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ARTIST // 핫펠트(예은) (HA:TFELT (Ye Eun))
SONG // Nothing Lasts Forever
ALBUM // Me?

The closing track ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ was written by Yeeun for a deceased WG fan. Yeeun was teary-eyed as she mentioned this. “She was a fan whom we [WG] were acquainted with the whole time. She came to our shows & fansigns. Her academic results were very good, she had always topped her school cohort until early last year. Nice personality, very cheerful. She fell ill with a brain tumor & died during the day of the college entrance exams. We [WG] had gone to the hospital to see her, but there was nothing else we could do. The news was a shock; there was no chance for a final farewell. It was my first encounter with a younger friend who passed away. She hadn’t even reached adult age before she died. It was devastating. I was in grief for about a month, then wrote this song. Whenever I listen to the tune, my heart always aches.”

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